Monday, January 26, 2009

Parabolas Ep. 11 - Steps to Completing the Square - 13:32


Completing the Square involves converting a quadratic function from STANDARD FORM into a VERTEX FORM.

1. Group the x's together and keep the constant (c-value) off to the side.
2. Factor the a-value from x^2 and x (IF we have an a-value)
3. Divide the x-value by 2 and then square it.
4. With the value you get from Step 3, add it to your x^2 and x value and subtract it by that same value (don't forget about the c-value - we're not using it yet, until the end)
5. The first 3 terms you have form a Perfect Square Trinomial (P.S.T) - Factor your P.S.T by square rooting your first term of the PST and the third term of the PST
6. Create your binomial of squares (Special Products)
7. Multiply your a-value (IF you factored one out) with the minus value from Step 4.
8. Simplify the number from Step 7 with the c-value we set aside at the start.

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